• Radiesee $600 – $900 Per Syringe

This injectable gel is used to smooth skin folds and wrinkles ( “smile lines” and “parenthesis”). Radiesse injections have been shown to last for 12-18 months. Individual results may vary. Radiesse┬« works to stimulate the production of collagen and encourage tissue regeneration, so it’s more than just a temporary filler.

radiesse dermal filler before and after photos

BEFORE – – – – – – – – AFTER

Radiesse is made of very small, smooth calcium hydroxylapitite (CaHA) microspheres, which are suspended in a water-based gel carrier. As Radiesse is injected, the gel and Radiesse Microspheres form a “scaffold”, stimulating collagen production and encouraging tissue growth in and around the injection area.

This “partnership” between Radiesse and your own body creates a natural look, comprised of your own tissue and Radiesse Microspheres.

Over time, your body absorbs the gel carrier while collagen has started to grow and infiltrate the area, replacing the gel with your own, natural tissue. The Radiesse Microspheres continue to provide the support and structure for your body to grow new tissue and collagen until the Microspheres are also safely and naturally absorbed into your body.