“I have had Botox and Dysport treatments at multiple locations in the past, including by a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. I have to say that Dr. Kim Vo at Dermagenix does the best Botox. She tailors her treatment to what I want (a high eyebrow arch) and her treatment lasts a long time. She also does Juvederm for my smile lines, lips, and around the cheeks, and the results are better than what I expected. Thank you Dr. Vo.” – Nancy “Dr. Vo has changed my life! I had suffered from excessive underarm sweating for years. I had been to other physicians for prescription medications that didn’t work for me. I had considered surgery but opted to try Botox instead because it was less invasive. I am amazed at the dramatic difference. The Botox was administered in the office by Dr. Vo and I saw results the next day. ” – Riley “Dr. Kim Vo is so meticulous in doing the right procedure, on the right person, and at the right time. It takes a very artistic professional to conduct procedures such as fillers. She has such a great eye and a special touch. Dr. Vo is very conscientious and she doesn’t just sell you a service just to sell services. Dermagenix is very unique in this market. They have a beautiful facility and a perfect location.” – Stephanie, Houston, TX “The staff there is so welcoming and professional. I have had Botox, Juvederm, and laser hair removal here. The results were amazing, especially when she noticed I smile harder on one side when evaluating me for Botox. You feel more relaxed about your procedure when you know an M.D. is on board and actually performing the procedure on you. I love the fact that she customizes her treatments for each client.” –Carol, Houston, TX “Calm, cool and collected; Dr. Kim Vo’s professionalism and in-depth knowledge inspire confidence. It’s evident to me this board-certified internist has not only studied the latest techniques in cosmetic skin rejuvenation but can astutely survey your complexion and prescribe the type of technique and skincare regime most apropos to your dilemma. I felt very much at ease consulting this detail-oriented physician, who personally performed the minor laser IPL work I needed with the utmost skill and care.” –Laurann, Houston, TX “ I have tried many procedures and creams for my rosacea. The combination of laser genesis and IPL as performed by Dr Vo has really provided the best result for me.” -Jean, Houston, TX “I recently went to Dermagenix to have moles removed from my face. I was skeptical at first but the staff made me feel very relaxed and reassured me that the procedure would be safe and the results rewarding. I’m very happy with the results and would refer anyone looking for cosmetic improvements to Dermagenix. Thanks for making me look years younger.” -Andre, Houston, TX “I have had great results and many compliments since I have gone to Dr. Vo. The staff is friendly and professional Dr. Vo is great and very personable. The atmosphere is nice and relaxing. I recommend Dermagenix to anyone that is contemplating a non surgical procedure. The results are immediate and there are a number of procedure to choose from. Great Spa.” -Caren “I just wanted to thank you so much for the Juvederm. The under eye area looks fabulous and so do the sides of the smile. You do a great job! Take care. ” -Gabriela “I have been treated with various methods for warts on my finger. The treatment by Dr. Vo in her office is by far the most effective. It was relatively painless and it was gone just in time for my wedding! ” Dentist in Richmond Tx Ana Houston, TX